Why Our Products?

Every single one of our calendars is a custom-made “one of a kind” original using human hands and technology! They are even more original then a “limited edition” run of an art print (such as #7 of 250, or #90 of 500). You can’t get more original then a persons first and last name. And, every single calendar is printed ON DEMAND only when you place your order. The reason is because recipients all have different and unique spellings of their first and last names.

Unlike other products such as keychains or mugs that have names like “Joe” or “Sue” etc. pre-printed and sitting in a warehouse awaiting an order, our calendars are truly a “One of a Kind” custom printed work of art.

Each name is considered an original, so each calendar is an original. With that said, we believe our pricing offers a very competitive advantage over other products. Think of the powerful combination of a recipients name AND your company logo together as one in this product. Then, think of the excitement on your recipient’s face when they see their name in the calendar for the first time. Remember how you felt when you saw it for the first time? No one will discard a calendar with their name printed on it, especially since it is literally “rendered” directly into each image with astounding realism! The power of our picture personalization always invokes the same response.... “This is so Cool”!

Finally, we have found that our calendars remain on people’s desk or wall all year long. To get that kind of “real estate ” is priceless. So, not only is it a gift, it's an incredible marketing tool. We hope you benefit from the unique value in the products created by Tukaiz!

Tukaiz recently exhibited at the PPAI Expo! Read about it here:
Success for Tukaiz at PPAI Expo Mirrors Market Demand for Personalized Products

Dean Richards talks about Tukaiz image personalized calendars on the WGN Morning News December 22, 2008.

Wow! Brilliant! What a great idea!

- Satisfied Customer

I look at my calendar all the time and I think of you.

- Satisfied Customer

This is the coolest gift I’ve ever received. I show all my friends. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

- Satisfied Customer

You guys are a hit around the office. Everyone who sees my calendar asks me where I got it.

- Satisfied Customer

What a resounding success this has been!

- Satisfied Promotional Product Distributor