Client Safe Version

Dear ASI, PPAI and promotional products distributors. We respect your need for a "client safe" web site that will give you all the tools you need to help you sell our products without having any reference to Tukaiz. With that in mind, we have included a link for you called that you can place into your website or send directly to your clients. Please note that once you click this link, there is no reference to our company information.

Please make sure to check out our “Live Preview” section that allows your clients to see the images we offer and actually be able to personalize these images by putting their own names into them! This happens in real time and clients will enjoy using this technology. It is a great benefit and selling tool so we ask you to please point this great feature out to your clients as you distribute the following link.

Please be sure you are comfortable with the information we have provided before sending the link to your clients.

Enjoy, Have Fun and most of all....Good Luck from your friends at Tukaiz!